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Many people in the Havre De Grace, Maryland area deal with unwanted body fat, and there’s now an excellent non-surgical solution. The team at Elan Premier Aesthetics offer SmartLipo Triplex as a highly effective way to target the fat without surgery.

Laser Lipolysis Q & A

What is laser lipolysis?

Laser lipolysis is a fat removal system that offers an alternative to surgical liposuction. At Elan Premier Aesthetics, the SmartLipo system is used because it's a highly advanced and effective system for non-invasive fat removal. During the laser lipolysis process, a very small incision will be created in the treatment area. An ultra-thin tube is placed in this incision, and a laser is then sent through the tube to reach the fat cells. As the laser light reaches the fat cells, it essentially melts the fat. The liquid fat can then be gently suctioned out. Because the incision is so small, there are no sutures required.

Where can laser lipolysis be done?

Laser lipolysis can be done in virtually any part of the body with resistant fat pockets. This treatment is most often done in the abdominal area, the inner and outer thigh areas, the upper back area, and the hip area. It's also used in small areas like the chin.

Who should consider laser lipolysis?

Laser lipolysis is best suited for people who are in good general health. People who are at or close to their ideal weight are the best candidates, as laser lipolysis is a type of spot treatment for fat deposits. A person who follows a healthy diet and exercises but is still been unable to lose their muffin top might be an ideal candidate for laser lipolysis. Similarly, a person who is at a healthy weight but who is still stuck with an unattractive double chin might find laser lipolysis the ideal solution.

How long does SmartLipo treatment last?

The fat cells are permanently destroyed, so that fat is gone from the body for good. It's important that patients stay at a healthy weight to maintain the optimal laser lipolysis results for the long term.

How many treatments are needed?

While this can vary by person, most people get results after a single SmartLipo treatment.

When will the results be seen?

Within a week, most laser lipolysis patients notice improvement in the treatment area. The results will get even better over the next 3-6 months.